Coin Voting

Periodically we select the winning coin. To be considered for listing the minimum vote count is 300 - Only one coin is selected from the consideration list, votes are cumulative.

To vote please send ALTM coin to the vote address. You can buy ALTM here:

1 vote = 150 ALTM. Click HERE to add your coin!

Last Winner

Willowcoin (WLLO)
With 567 votes.

Paid listings will always take priority over voting listings, If you wish to pay for a faster listing please email us:
Please Note: Getting to the first position in the voting list does not guarantee a listing at Once a project reaches 300 votes we perform all the same checks we do for paid listings
If we determine a project is no longer a good fit for we will not list the project or we may require further action from the team to get the project listed.
There is no timeframe for selecting a voting winner, this all depends on the amount of paid listings we have at the time as well as other factors.
Contacting us multiple times regarding selecting a voting winner will actually slow down the time we take to select a winner and constant messages will cause us to remove your project from listing.
All votes are final and no refunds of ALTM coin will be returned.